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We believe security is a part of everyone’s job description – our clients and our team members, so security is integral to all we do.

As you embrace the cloud and mobile computing to connect with your customers and optimize their operations, you take on new risks. Traditional IT boundaries have disappeared, and adversaries have many new attack vectors.

Even with a bevy of security tools already deployed, you are having to process a lot of data and signal making it hard to find and prioritize relevant threats.  Solutions often compromise end-user productivity for the sake of security, leading to end-user dissatisfaction and, too often, rejection or misuse of the solution. And, without the ability to detect suspicious behavior, early signs of an attack can go unnoticed.


…of what we’ve done

We focus on four key areas of security: identity, apps and data, devices, and infrastructure. Specific offerings include:


Help protect against identity compromise and identify potential breaches before they cause damage!

  • Mitigate identity compromise with multi-factor authentication
  • Go beyond passwords and move to more secure forms of authentication
  • Identify signs of breach early with behavioral analytics that help detect suspicious activity

Respond quickly by automatically elevating access requirements based on risks

Apps and Data

Boost productivity with cloud access while keeping information protected

  • Enable employees to use cloud apps without losing control of corporate data
  • Classify, contain, and encrypt data based on IT policy—even on user-owned devices
  • Get notification of attempts for unauthorized data access, manage access to documents, remotely wipe data when necessary


Enhance device security while enabling mobile work and BYOD

  • Encrypt data, manage devices, and ensure compliance
  • Automatically identify suspicious or compromised endpoints and respond to targeted attacks
  • Rapidly block, quarantine, or wipe compromised devices


Take a new approach to security across your hybrid environment

  • Gain greater visibility and control across on-premises and cloud environments
  • Enforce security policies on cloud resources and detect any deviations from baselines
  • Identify signs of compromise early through behavioral analysis and respond more quickly
  • Separate security event noise from signals with advanced analysis and machine learning


Why People Choose Us

I can say that all of my expectations were achieved and my compliments to the team at NathCorp for a professional engagement.

David Damery

Director of IT, Allergan

DocSync allows us to remove over 100 pounds of paper manuals from each of our aircraft saving fuel on every flight, and enables our pilots to dispose of their heavy flight bags; all while ensuring we remain in 100% compliance with FAA regulations regarding our flight manuals and the on-going updates required.

Check Airman

Major Airline

Nathcorp provided a very detail oriented project manager and project team to provide oversight and ensure that Nathcorp’s resources properly aligned with our internal IT resources.  Their collaborative approach allowed us to complete our pilot within scope and within the agreed upon timeframe.

Terolyn Phinsee

Technical Project Manager, Memorial Health System

Thanks for your team’s prompt and determined response to this issue.  It speaks well of NathCorp and its relationship with our airline.

VP, Flight Operations

Major Airline