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Is Your Workforce

Happy and Productive?

With Teams Tempo you can…

  • Quickly get a pulse on the sentiment, acceptance, and feeling around a recent major policy announcement.
  • Understand when your work force is the most productive. ¬(day of the week,¬ week of the month, etc.)
  • See how your Wellness programs are impacting your workforce.
  • Identify emerging negative sentiment within your workforce and address it before morale is affected.
  • Understand the best days of the week to make announcements for maximum workforce¬ acceptance and engagement.
  • Compare ratio of meetings to chat by user, region, and other metrics.

How do we do it?

Our Tempo Engine utilizes Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services to evaluate structured and unstructured data and output a multitude of standard and customizable reports to give you near real time feedback on the “tempo” of your workforce.

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