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The reality of our collective futures is Hybrid IT – your data center assets and infrastructure will be distributed across on-premise and cloud environments with a need to seamlessly inter-operate.

Active Directory is the underlying “glue” to hold your hybrid IT infrastructure together and ensure all access permissions are applied consistently across the hybrid environment, providing you the highest levels of protection and adherence to defined governance standards for both operations and security.

NathCorp offers a variety of services to ensure your Active Directory environment is “hybrid-ready” and can take advantage of all new features and functions available across on-premise and cloud.

We have developed a comprehensive tool set resulting from our many Active Directory modernization projects; this tool set comprises a variety of utilities, scripts, and analysis tools and dashboards allowing us to perform detailed, non-disruptive discovery in your environment and correlate and summarize disparate data and data sources into a single, meaningful view.  Many times, our discovery efforts include compiling a comprehensive AD-aware application inventory where one does not currently exist.

The result?  A template from which your Active Directory modernization plan can be developed, ensuring all work is performed without impact to current, mission critical applications and operations.

Recent Examples

…of what we’ve done

For A Large National Insurance Company...

We migrated over 3,000 servers and 16,000 users to the latest version of Active directory with zero downtime. Our project work included:

  • Automated deployment of DNS migration for over 3,000 servers to accommodate a recently implemented “zoned” network environment
  • Identified all static IP entries, mapped them to the related application and managed the remediation of the application to ensure compliance with established company standards
  • Power BI reporting on remaining static IPs as remediation occurred
  • Demotion of all legacy Domain Controllers and monitoring to ensure no production impact

For A Large On-Line Banking Institution...

We analyzed the current domain structure and created an architecture and plan for upgrade. Our project work included:

  • Discovery of all legacy accounts still accessing legacy domain
  • Discovery of legacy applications and their interdependent domain requirements
  • Discovery of all AD-aware applications and their access methodology
  • Detailed plan to consolidate legacy domains into current production domains

For A Global Music Publisher...

We performed a complete upgrade of their Active Directory environment for approximately 12,000 users and over 3,700 servers, and replaced an aging user configuration application, resulting in significant annual licensing savings. Our project work included:

  • Development of a rules engine for compliance to ensure key attributes existed during user creation and standard company policy is followed for user modification or deletion – this included both API feeds from another application and web-based manual configuration and editing
  • Migration of Static and Dynamic Distribution Lists to the Cloud with on-going management capability
  • Tier 2 help desk support for their global AD infrastructure


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I can say that all of my expectations were achieved and my compliments to the team at NathCorp for a professional engagement.

David Damery

Director of IT, Allergan

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Check Airman

Major Airline

Nathcorp provided a very detail oriented project manager and project team to provide oversight and ensure that Nathcorp’s resources properly aligned with our internal IT resources.  Their collaborative approach allowed us to complete our pilot within scope and within the agreed upon timeframe.

Terolyn Phinsee

Technical Project Manager, Memorial Health System

Thanks for your team’s prompt and determined response to this issue.  It speaks well of NathCorp and its relationship with our airline.

VP, Flight Operations

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