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M365 Migration

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Modern Desktop migrations offer many benefits; however, if not planned and executed correctly, they consume time and money, impacting your organization’s ability to take advantage of key modern technologies in cloud, security, governance and other areas.

For large scale organizations with multi-national or global reach, complexities compound – time zones, local language, local privacy regulations, and local security requirements all need to be analyzed, considered and addressed as part of an effective, secure and successful Modern Desktop migration project.

Our experience and research suggest traditional migrations consume at least 2 hours of Help Desk and end-user time PER end-point.  In a 10,000 end-point scenario, the resulting financial and productivity impact is as follows:


  • 19 Man-years of lost productivity

  • Costs approaching $1.6 million or more


NathCorp EZ-Migrate Modern Desktop migration solution delivers fairly priced, near-zero touch migration INCLUDING end-user personalization!  We utilize a blend of off-the-shelf and proprietary tools, align those tools with deep skill sets and knowledge, and wrap it all in a robust and disciplined Project Management methodology to ensure rapid, scalable, high-quality solution delivery, establishing your Modern Desktop  foundation – enabling you to take advantage of key new technologies in cloud, governance, security and other disciplines as your business needs dictate!


…Cost Effective Migration

EXPERIENCED – Over 300,000 end-points migrated!

SIMPLE – Turnkey migration all inclusive.  Near-Zero touch.

COST EFFECTIVE – Fair cost per end point pricing.

AGILE – Delivery aligned to your business needs.

PERSONALIZED – End user settings fully deployed.

OPTIMIZED – Migration and personalization included.

FULLY MANAGED – End-to-end migrations with managed options.


Why People Choose Us

I can say that all of my expectations were achieved and my compliments to the team at NathCorp for a professional engagement.

David Damery

Director of IT, Allergan

DocSync allows us to remove over 100 pounds of paper manuals from each of our aircraft saving fuel on every flight, and enables our pilots to dispose of their heavy flight bags; all while ensuring we remain in 100% compliance with FAA regulations regarding our flight manuals and the on-going updates required.

Check Airman

Major Airline

Nathcorp provided a very detail oriented project manager and project team to provide oversight and ensure that Nathcorp’s resources properly aligned with our internal IT resources.  Their collaborative approach allowed us to complete our pilot within scope and within the agreed upon timeframe.

Terolyn Phinsee

Technical Project Manager, Memorial Health System

Thanks for your team’s prompt and determined response to this issue.  It speaks well of NathCorp and its relationship with our airline.

VP, Flight Operations

Major Airline