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Scaling Windows Phone, evolving Windows 8
Posted by Shraddha

A lot of you folks know me as “the Windows Phone guy.” Over the past five years I’ve been co-managing the Windows Phone product team on a mission to make Windows Phone a delightful and successful platform. Recently my job changed to focus not just on Windows Phone but also on the user experience of Windows 8 and future versions of Windows.

Creating a slide show for your lock screen
Posted by Chandan

In Windows 8, the lock screen feature introduced a personalization option to change the single image for each user that is logged into the device. In Windows 8.1, we’ve taken personalization a step further to allow showing multiple photos on the lock screen in a beautifully orchestrated, ambient slide show that plays while the PC is not in use. This means end users can now have as many photos as they’d like to show on their lock screen when their PC is in a locked state!


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